About Us



In this era of gold jewelry, although you can buy all kinds of favorite gold jewelry and jewelry everywhere, beautiful things always make people full of hope and happiness.
From the exquisite design style to the beautiful small pendant gold ornaments, it is full of the founder’s pursuit of the jewelry brand.

The founder of TAUKEMAS clearly understands the difficulty of setting up his own brand from scratch in this competitive era, but he still strives to put it on the market with the spirit of fearlessness and courage, and regards every setback as a new opportunity.

Of course, through the bold and unremitting efforts of the founder, the first flagship store of TAUKEMAS will be officially established in 2021, and it has also been widely praised and supported by the public.

Our Vision

At the same time, we will continue to make progress, improve our own level and professional knowledge, and provide customers with professional services. It also establishes the value and integrity of its own brand.

To this end, the founder will also retain his original intention and create different gold jewelry with his heart, so that everyone can find what they love.

Our Mission

TAUKEMAS will not stop there. In the future, we will also set up more different development directions and do our best to open up more new markets.

The established goal of TAUKEMAS is to open up 100 branches in Malaysia and strive to break out of the overseas market and go international. Let more people see our gold jewelry.


Meet Our Leadership



Ivan Hooi

Manager (Production)

Our Business Partner